Number 9 Reviews: 
“In conclusion it was a powerful and interesting performance which portrayed the Hunger Artist well with his desperation and endeavour to survive and stay the main attraction for as long as possible. All three characters were superbly acted [...]”

The Morning Star Reviews: 

“Through the use of absurdist humour, co-writer’s Vivianette and Neil Rathmell maintain the source materials ambiguous minimalism, elsewhere reflected in the near empty stage of Duncan Evans’s sparse sound design, to ask questions of the audience.” 

“Opaque exploration of art and the human condition.”

The Reviews Hub:

“The Hunger Artist’s movements get less and less controlled, grunting and hurling himself about with animal intensity before subsiding to exhaustion. When he hallucinates, the Narrator has an intense narrative of overlapping phrases, well delivered by Vivianette, which calls to mind Lucky in Waiting for Godot and reminds us how much Beckett looms over the proceedings.”

Performed live at:

Square Chapel Arts & Seven Arts Centre

Audience member:

“It was captivating, haunting and beautifully put together and delivered. It was as if my mind has been fed a feast of art which I’m still digesting.”