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Art by Alice Bradshaw
Resilience, a concept explored through the What Are You Hungry For? project, is now given greater attention through four online chats between CVIVArts Director Carrieanne Vivianette and Art practitioners who thrive in their chosen disciplines. 

What is resilience? Is the practice of this useful or hindering? How do we practice this and what are the alternatives? When might we need this? 

On May 20th at 7pm, we began cosy discussions on wellbeing in the arts sector, independent practice, the challenges and the freedoms, the advice and the unknowns, what's out there and what can be done. 

These were conducted on instagram live and can now be viewed below!

May 20th 7pm


Alice Bradshaw is an artist, curator and writer. She is interested in discarded, everyday materials and words. Recycling and repetition are important strategies in her work, which sets up a dialogue around the value of rubbish through objects, publications, exhibitions and events. You can read her article on the corridor8 publication Resilience is Futile here

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Art by Alice Bradshaw

May 27th 7pm

delphahudson_studio photo by Rick Davey_

Delpha Hudson BA MA works from her studio in Cornwall and as well as painting, current projects include a series of films and a publishing project Theatre of the Self about women, autobiography and mental health. Over the last 20 years she has shown work all over the UK and Europe. You can find out about her publication Theatre of the Self here. 

Where did you fall and what did you find
Art by Delpha Hudson
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June 3rd 7pm

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Miranda Arieh is a spiritual mental health coach and teacher of mindful self compassion from Leeds. She is an award winning Mental Health Coach and Activist, a Changemaker and a Network Mental Health lead for the NHS. She also has a fruitful Music and Arts Practice. You can find out about her work in Personal Wellbeing here. 


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June 10th 7pm 


Sam Dunstan is a Creative Director, Producer and Educator based in Yorkshire, working across the UK. He is Co-Founder of The Growth House UK, a performance company creating socially-conscious art, with a focus on emotional support for Creatives. He is also Co-Founder of Jozara, an organisation that supports creatives in all areas 'beyond the stage'. 

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