Live streams of devising processes...

Our final live streamed devising comes from Open Source Arts in Leeds, July 21st. The actors were facilitated through time-based activities during two sessions, to create action & text from a new writing stimulus. This early stage devising aims to address the themes of Vulnerability & Resilience. The results are now available through YouTube. We would love you to view this following the link below and offer us your thoughts to the 3 question feedback form:
On the 8th of March, CVIVArts Theatre entered Left Bank, Leeds to begin two evening workshop sessions. Here the actors were facilitated through activities which explored physicality & space, and which translated the public survey responses into a physical performance vocabulary. This resulted in the first work in progress devising on the 13th, which was streamed live to the public for feedback on the 14th. Following feedback, this scene will develop  into a piece of symbolist theatre which communicates the WAYHF? themes of human Desire, Societal Rejection & Control through action, sound and set, progressing the physicality of the performers as the core means of communicating these themes. 

*We apologise for the wifi issue which caused an unclear filming. 

You can view the live stream here: 


Film work by Thomas Wright

Sound by Duncan Evans 

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