Help CVIVArts Theatre raise for venue space:

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We have set up a fundraising page so that we can continue our public and online performance work for our current project What Are You Hungry For?. Following a number of project activities - including free online public workshops, free online interviews with art specialists, free online performance work - we are now bringing our performance devising & structure into a final production for the public. We are seeking support to pay for Leeds venue space to be able to do this, with a plan for production rehearsals to start in September with the first public showing at the end of October. Support would mean as individuals of the company we can further research and develop our own practice in theatre making but also share our work within the Leeds community in a number of venues, offering volunteer positions for production experience. It will allow us to have a final show to pitch for further spaces taking our work outside of Leeds and allow us to keep moving as a company.

Rewards: for donations over £3.00 you will receive an art postcard (with envelope) as a thank you, choosing from classic icons of theatre and performance: Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, Angela Lansbury, David Lynch and Rik Mayall. Donations over £10.00 will receive a choice of 3 art cards. To receive your art card (s) following donation, you can press the 'contact' option under 'Organiser' on the fundraiser page and send me your choice of art card (s) and postal address - there is no cost for postage. Otherwise, I will be in touch. Thank you!