Through the combination of virtual & live performance experimentation, new writing, public surveys, virtual Q&A’s, live-streamed talks, interactive feedback sessions & Zoom workshops we are researching: 


Individual desire & need

Individual potential

Societal rejection,


placing an emphasis on the individual.

We are researching how performance creativity can be maintained during COVID-19 restrictions. 

New Writing
The week beginning the 7th December Neil Rathmell began his writing residency at the warm and impressive Left bank Leeds, producing a script that CVIVArts Theatre will later use to contribute to the devising process following a series of workshops. 
Performance experimentation & research: online workshops
January 16th the performers & director were booked to start workshops at Slung Low, Leeds. COVID restrictions meant these workshops were necessarily adapted for online, with a surprising degree of success.
These workshops explore: the role of 'performer', and different approaches to devising. They research the themes that run through project WAHYF?