Through the combination of virtual & live performance experimentation, new writing, public survey, virtual Q&A’s, live-streamed talks, interactive feedback sessions & Public workshops we are researching: Individual desire & need

Individual potential, Societal rejection. Placing an emphasis on the individual. We are researching how performance creativity can be maintained during COVID-19 restrictions. 

The beginning...

New Writing
On the 7th December, Yorkshire based writer Neil Rathmell began his writing residency at the warm and impressive Left bank Leeds. He produced a text based on the WAYHF? themes that CVIVArts Theatre will utilise as part of the devising process and staging of  their final production at the end of the year.  
Performance experimentation & research: online workshops
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On January 16th,  CVIVArts Theatre were booked to start workshops at Slung Low, Leeds. COVID restrictions meant these workshops were necessarily adapted for online, with a surprising degree of success.
Director Carrieanne Vivianette led the performers in workshops that explored: the role of 'performer', and approaches to devising using the themes that run through project WAHYF?
Personal Research