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Research through practice:

My solo work illustrates my belief in performance expressing the depths of the self. For this, awareness of and working with the body is at the centre. In the workshop (and sometime the public realm) the stimulus must be fully digested for personal interpretation and expression and digestion occurs through the mind-body-text-voice relationship, within an improvised process. The body is at the centre of these improvised processes, it activates the voice, generates mental activity, opens itself up to text and then receives and expresses the responses of its counterparts.

Viewing a stimulus for its performative potential; translating it through an experimenting body: a style of utterance, a state of being, a way of moving, activation
 of the internal organs...propelling you into a free form state that infiltrates everything beneath the surface. New ideas arise through working with correlating parts of the whole, you. The work is play, not serious but sincere.​ I seek new experiences that contribute to the designing of exercises that encourage this performative process.
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