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"Now I know how my mum felt when I first played punk music." Audience Member.

"You do not need to understand the lineage of performance art to experience the intense devotion Carrieanne Vivianette presents in her work, the beauty and power of her improvisation is something you should watch out for in coming years." Artistic Director of Pout Productions.

Hunger Artist-104.jpg

What are you Hungry For? 2020 -2021
Director, producer, performer.

Islands 2020 (online)
Director, producer, performer

A Hunger Artist 2019 -2020
Director, producer, performer

rainbow .jpg
Stuck in a Rainbow 2020 (online)
The Cabinet of Curiosity 2 (2).jpg
The Cabinet of Curiosities 2019
In My Room.PNG
In My Room 2018
That Night Time Phenomenon 2017
Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 18.27.33.PNG
Features of Fool 2017
Observe this Gait.jpg
Observe this Gait 2016
2014-08-02 11.50.07.jpg
Doing Dada 2015
The Dancing Plague.png
The Dancing Plague 2015 
The Head and all that Follows Suit.jpg
The Head and all that Follows Suit 2012
Working with Rage.jpg
Working with Rage 2011
A Hunch 2014
Free for Arts with Phil Sanger
Working with Idle Hands 2012
The Story of Sitting Crow_edited.jpg
The Story of Sitting Crow 2011
That which has been Smoked 2010
Performing the Self.PNG
Performing the Self 2010
Messages from the Archives 2010
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