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Solo works (2022 - 2024)

Tortoise Mind.
(02 /05 / 2024) - coming soon.

A part scripted part improvised performance work based on an exhibition held at Leeds Art Gallery, curated by Lubaina Himid, titled: Found Cities Lost objects.  The performance explores the concept of the Flaneur OR Flaneuse, and the themes of the exhibition, such as marginalisation, mindfulness, privilege. 
IMG_5878 2.jpg
The Changes of the Seasons.  
(19 / 09 / 2023).

Commissioned to write and deliver a solo performance, 'The Changes of the Seasons' for Mafwa Theatre's Family Flourish event celebrating the newly designed Roxby Community Gardens in Lincoln Green. The Changes of the Seasons moves through the patterns and unpredictable nature of the seasons, an inclusive performance with elements of British Sign Language and audio description. 
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Outsider Perspective.

A part scripted part improvised performance work presenting personal interpretations of the Shifting Perspectives exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery, embodying and delivering perceptions of the once lost and now reclaimed stories on display, through experimental use of props, body and voice. Performed at Leeds Art Gallery. 
Freytag and Me.
(01/02/2022 - present)

A performance project presenting the personal politics of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, the German Dadaist. Vignettes of spoken word, performative poetry, comedy and drama  with improvised action which explores the Baronesses anti-consumerist, androgynous and anarchic attitudes.

Performances: Leeds Arts University, Otley Social Club, Dance Studio Leeds, Dean Clough Gallery, Into the Wild Bushcraft, Coles Gallery, with an adapted performance, Freytag and Agar: Not the Behaviour of a Lady at Leeds Art Gallery, The Basement, City Screen, York. 
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Links to videos: Freytag and Me: 
Short performance: Dean Clough:
Short performance: Basement, City Screen:
Long performance: Leeds Art Gallery:

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