Freytag and Me

A solo project which researches and presents the personal politics of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, the German Dadaist. It will present vignettes of spoken word, sound poetry and physical drama which explore the Baronesses anti-consumerist, androgynous and anarchic attitudes. 

Performance dates: 


13th March:

sharing at Open Stage by Sisterhood Music Collective.

Venue: Otley Social Club. Time: 3.00pm. 

19th March:

sharing at Open Jam by Dance Studio Leeds.

Venue: Dance Studio Leeds. Time: 6pm.

22nd March:

Venue: B Gallery, Leeds Arts University. Time: 12pm

2nd April:

Venue, an upstairs gallery, Leeds Art Gallery. Time: 2pm

*Adapted performance: Freytag and Agar: Not the Behaviour of a Lady

17th July:

Altrincham Arts Festival: Wild Gathering.

Venue: Into the Wild Bushcraft. Time: 3pm.

30th July:

Art Lab Exhibition Preview:

Venue: Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax. Time: 12pm.

Leeds Art Gallery performance on Video