What Are You Hungry For? Research and Development Project: December 2020-September 2021. A devising & experimental theatre project from new writing. 

Hunger: verb - a strong desire or craving

The project researches and communicates individual need and potential as well as the consequence of societal rejection, it places an emphasis on the individual and the resilience within, as oppose to cultural tradition and societal convention, reaching those who are feeling very much alone and in need of self recognition & support.

WAYHF? responds to & augments this work by perpetuating the discourse with new & existing partners to create visibility & deeper dialogue concerning to the sociological importance of art in the community. The combination of virtual & live performance, & wrap around activities; (virtual Q&A’s, live-streamed talks, interactive feedback sessions & Zoom workshops) ensures accessibility for those who cannot

attend social spaces. 

To realise the project, CVIVArts Theatre are working in partnership with The Dance Studio Leeds, The Holbeck, Left Bank Leeds, Open Source Arts, Seven Arts Centre & The Middle Floor.